Manon Blet (b. 1995, France) is a painter residing and working in France, in Biarritz. Her passion for drawing dates back to her childhood. Initially, her inspiration came from the colorful and "kawaii" world of manga. It was only after successfully completing her studies in graphic arts in 2016 that painting became an indispensable means of expression for her.
Her work is a field of reflection, akin to an intimate journal, where each viewer is invited to reflect on their own reality. She uses oil painting to immortalize mystical memories and emotions, thus imbuing her creations with introspective depth. Her work serves as testimonies or relics of various states of mind, enriched by observed or retained elements.
At times, with a touch of humor or nostalgia, she explores the complexities of her sensitive soul, always encouraging silent contemplation and personal reflection. She invites viewers to enter her somewhat naive reflection of the world.

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