Manon Blet is a French painter. She explores her own feelings and questions through figurative painting. Her enigmatic subjects are reflections of her hypersensitivity, which has often handicapped her in her relationship with things and others throughout her life. With gentleness and sometimes humor, her oil paintings convey a rich emotional range, ranging from melancholy to ecstasy, illustrating the power and contrast of feelings.
Her work begins when emotions was too strong to be put into words on paper, and painting is the best way to begin self-therapy. Therefore, her works are fragments of her mind, sometimes troubled, shared with the public, marking a thought, a questioning, an anxiety, or a pleasant moment, which preserves the spontaneity of her creations. Vibrant colors are used to represent different aspects of personality and emotions. She also strives to integrate references to classical works that have obsessed her since childhood, through techniques, poses, or staging.
In short, Manon Blet invites viewers to explore their own sensitivity through her paintings, offering a powerful visual and emotional experience.
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